Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my coffee pod reviews.

My coffee preferences
Usually medium to dark roasted coffee, but a good light roast might be good coffee too.
I drink my coffee black as midnight on a moonless night.
I don't do decafs or flavored unless I'm forced to  

My review process
I use a Philips Senseo Latte Select. I'll try to have at least 3 rounds with a pod before I set the score.
I usually start at 8 oz and reduce the amount of water if necessary.
I do not pre-wet the pods but for 8 oz I'll do 4 oz 2 times (from my limited tests I've found that to give the best extraction)

My rating system 
5 to 1 translated into something like this:

5 - This is the Divine Nectar of The Goddess Caffeina 

4 - Fantastic Coffee

3 - OK Coffee

2 - Bad Coffee (and I mean really baaaaaaaaad coffee)

1 - Undrinkable Fluid From The Pits of Mordor

My 3 favorite dark roasts (at the moment)