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Espresso Italiano Gold

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 11 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

Cafejo's strong and flavorful Espresso Gold coffee pods offer a European taste of the darkest roasted coffee with a strong flavor profile. Just like the regular Espresso Italiano but in a larger 11 gram size.

Round #01
Bunn MCP: 2 x 4oz tea setting
A little coffee with espresso taste after dinner might be a good idea.
I would say vague spice in the aroma.
First sips gives me a bit charred aftertaste and something I guess is best described as smoky.
Slightly spicy and not bad at all. It was a good choice for after dinner.
Becomes sweeter and fuller towards the end.
I put this up as my first cup tomorrow morning. Maybe it'll survive that test as well.

Round #02
Bunn MCP: 2 x 4oz tea setting
Didn't make it to my first cup session.
Very vague fragrances of spice from the pod.
Tones of earth and spice while brewing.
First impression is charred this time as well, but I get a hint of spice in the aftertaste as well.
Maybe some earth notes.
Enjoyable, sweet and bold halfway through the cup.
Spice is back for the final sips.

Pod smells good. Discrete spice. First impression of taste is medium charred and hints of spice.
Some vague earth notes?
Highly enjoyable, sweet and bold halfway through the cup.
Leaves me with a very pleasant aftertaste and a smile on my face.

Score: 3 +