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European Roast

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

A blend of 100% Arabica beans hand picked from Central and South America, roasted to a darkness preferred by European coffee connoisseurs.

Round #01
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Dry, and delicious dark notes from the pod
Warm, spicy aromas. Heavy, sweet. Like brown sugar.
Kind of mild intro from the first few sips.
Tries to be bittersweet but end up on the sweet side.
Discrete dark roasted notes in the aftertaste.
It's like a "regular" coffee with a itsy bitsy attitude.
Even smoother at the lats sips.

Round #02
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting

Conclusion (not final)