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Bull Rider

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

This 'light' dark blend combines Kenyan & Costa Rican to give intense flavor and rich undertones.

Round #01
A light dark roast could be nice.
Maybe a bit weak at 8oz.
Not bitter.
Vague tones of smoke.
Perhaps some distant earth notes.
A nice acidity of the citrus kind.
Almost fruity aftertaste when the coffee cools down.
I think I'll go for 6oz next round.

Round #02
First cup this morning, and 6oz is the amount of water.
Lovely acidity. Kind of lemon in the beginning and ends almost sweet.
Chocolate? Can't remember that tone from last round.
Still hints of earth.
A much better cup IMO at 6 oz.
Fruit/berries becomes very clear in the aftertaste when it cools down.
Those vague tones of smoke disappeared this round. Will be looking harder for it in the final round.

Round #03
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Nice aromas. Distant chocolate and soft earth.
Refreshing. Chocolate aftertaste covered in soft earth.
Lemon like acidty.
Fruity flavors appears as it cools down.
Sweet and lively at the same time.

Distant chocolate and soft, earthy aromas.
Refreshing cup with lemon like acidity and chocolate aftertaste.
Fruity flavors appears as it cools down.
An easy to like coffee. Sweet and lively at the same time.

Score: 4