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COHO Dark Organic Fair Trade

Type: Organic Fair Trade
Roast: Dark
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

Dark Chocolate flavors, with a lingering Smoky finish.

Round #01
Not Bad!
Very clear smoky finish.
A decent strength coffee, even at 8 oz.
Sharp to medium acidity as it kicks off with a bite and then becomes milder towards the end of a sip.
Do not taste any of the announced dark chocolate.
Will definitely try this at 7 oz too.
Not bitter and not exactly sweet, somewhere in between? 

Round #02
We take this for a spin one early morning at 7 oz.
Round and mild dark roast.
Would say the smoky finish is the strongest characteristic. 
More towards sweet than bitter.
I go for sweet now that it has cooled down a bit.
A very very vague hint of chocolate too.
All in all a good second round. Have to refresh my memory with a couple of other good dark roast before the final round.

Score: Not Yet Rated