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Colombian Villarrica Cup of Excellence 2009 - Lot #4

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

Jury Descriptions: Flavor- Aroma Jasmine, orange, mango, black cherry, dried apricot, lemon, sugar cane, dark chocolate mace, sweet cinnamon Acidity- Citric, complex fruit, red apple tartaric, crisp lively Notes- very clean long pleasant after taste, very balanced, sweet finish

Round #01
This was very good, even at 8 oz
Sweet, very sweet. Round, clean. This is ridiculously good.
Flavors in multiple layers. This is probably the best coffee I've ever tasted

Round #02
More defined at 7 oz.
Apple and citrus acidity.
Dark chocolate is one of the identifiable flavors
Very nice aftertaste.
I simply love this coffee :-)

Round #03
This is my absolute favorite at the moment.
Pure joy to drink.
If I was more of an artist I would write this pod a poem :-)

Score: 5