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Dixie Voodoo

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

A blend of Indonesian coffees roasted very dark. A full body with a smoky flavor, without the bitter aftertaste, just smooth and lingering. Also an excellent combination with a rich dessert because the spicy flavor is enhanced when dark roasted. The Dixie Voodoo is a VERY bold cup with hints of dark chocolate. For those who appreciate the DARK side. Compare the roast profile to our French Saigon Dark. 

Round #01
Smoky, and completely without bitterness.
Definitely my kind of dark roast.
Tones of chocolate, Sweet and rich body.
Some dark, fruity things going on in here as well.
Looking forward to this at 7 oz.

Round #02
Very good at 7 oz :-)
Still no bitterness.
Smoky, charred and yet almost sweet.
Vague tones of chocolate.
Low acidity.
Full, syrupy body.
This is a very, very good cup of dark roasted coffee.

Round #03
First cup this morning was Fratello - House French Dark. Thought it would be nice to follow up with another dark roast.
This one is very smooth.
It has a lot more flavors than just smoke and char.

Score: 4 +