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Marachesh Blend

Type: Blends
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

The exotic continent of Africa joins with the joyous personality of South America to create this velvety thick, rich tasting blend.

Round #01
Starting at 8 oz as usual with this medium roast.
Judging from the color this is going to be weak, and it was.
Having a hard time identifying any flavors here.
Really concentrating here and a very vague earth note is discovered.
I give up. I'll go for 6 oz next round

Round #02
Very vague chocolate/brown sugar and even more hidden earth tones.
Could almost say wood as well.
Better at 6 oz than 8, but not much taste now either.
Rather full body.
It's actually better as it cools down.
Seems more balanced and richer.
Good acidity. Citrus I think.

Score: Not Yet Rated