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Mocca Java

Type: Blends
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

A classic blend of Ethiopian "Mocca" and Sumatra "Java" beans. A complex cup of coffee with a full bodied flavor and earthy undertones.

Round #01
I usually like Mocca/Java blends, and Fratello are my favorite roasters. This gotta be good :-)
Starting at 8 oz. Even though I guess I'll end up at 7 oz with this one too.
Interesting. I somehow suspected this to be really sweet, but I was wrong.
Bright acidity, perhaps some berries. Tones of chocolate and I guess a bit earthy. A touch of wood?
Very well balanced. Great first impression. Looking forward to have another go at 7 oz.

Round #02
Delicious. Still balanced. A tad sharper perhaps?
At 7 oz I found it harder to separate the flavors, or maybe that's a result of this being my first cup in the morning and my taste-buds are still asleep.
After taste is more "dry" this time. A natural result of more acidity I guess.

Round #03
I take it back. After dinner, 7 oz, this is very good.
Now the flavors are back and balanced as ever. The acidity this time reminds me of something citrus.
Score: 4