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Nicaraguan Los Milagros Cup Of Excellence

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

The Cup of Excellence is a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year . These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers and are cupped at least five different times during the competition process.

The Cup of Excellence® competition cycle was conceived with the purpose of finding masterpiece lots of coffee from hundreds of entries. This requires a dedication to key details and an unrelenting repetition in the cupping search process that has become the unique signature of the Cup of Excellence experience.

Gallery Series, refers to those one-of-a-kind coffees with extremely special or exciting flavor qualities, that when we cup them, we recognize as extraordinary. Like other organic food products, the flavor qualities of Gallery Series coffee reflect not just a particular geography, altitude, farm or varietal–they also reflect less fixed factors like weather and terroir–which is never exactly the same anywhere in the world from year to year. Because of this, Gallery Series coffees are limited edition coffees, so make sure to enjoy them when they are available.

Round #01
Wow. Strong good coffee at 8 oz. Smooth, round, full bodied. Strange, I can't pin point any particular flavor (unless we count good as a flavor).
I go for coffee. It really tastes coffee. This might turn out to be one of my favorites. I'll reduce the amount of water for the next round, just to try it out a bit stronger.

Round #02
To quote Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks: "You know this is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee". It really is.
This is very good. Great flavors of coffee all the way. It could be mistaken for a dark roast, many of the same characteristics.
Looking forward to my next encounter with this one. I'm for sure ordering a full box of these pods.

Round #03
This one of my favorites at the moment. It is full, round, sweet and still have those dark roast qualities, even though it's a medium roast.
Got lost in this one, forgot to take notes, that's good I guess.

Score: 4 ++