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Nicaraguan Mama Mina

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

Aromas of cinnamon, raisin and honey-pear, complimented by a creamy body and a pink grapefruit finish. Cupping score of 90.5 

Round #01
First round in 2010 this is.
Very good start, even at 8 oz.
Discrete acidity like something from the citrus family.
I really like the flavors, but they're a bit vague for me right now.
Think of tones of earth blended with a bit of spice and something like wood.
A somewhat fruity aftertaste.
Sweet. I must not forget sweet :-)
This is something to look forward to at 7 oz.

Round #02
Stronger at 7oz, of course.
I will still say the earth notes are a major part of the flavors.
Really nice citrus acidity.
Aftertaste is rather fruity too.
As it cools down I'm not so sure about the earth notes, more towards wood now.
Raisins? Sweet.
Very good.

Round #03
Take the final round at 7oz.
Discrete tones somewhere between earth and wood.
Sweet and flavors that reminds me of raisins
Lively acidity of the citrus kind and a nice and fruity aftertaste.
I like this one, somewhat refreshing :-)

Score: 4 +