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Yemen Moka San'ani

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat Top

Yemen Moka San'ani is grown on highlands in the region of Sana’a. This coffee is the best and the most consistent coffee Yemen has to offer. This is a very rare coffee, and is sure to please those looking for something unique. When coffee was introduced from Ethiopia in the 6th century, Yemen was known as “Arabia.” This is what inspired coffee’s botanical name. Today, the coffee is still grown organically on the western mountain ranges from Razih, near the town of Sa’dah in the North, to the south of Ta’izz. The farmers nurture their coffee shrubs, planted in terraced fields, as their forefathers did.The characteristics found in Yemen coffee are best described as having a rich, fresh and earthy flavor. What’s unique is that behind the earthy notes, there is a vibrant fruity flavor and sweet acidity. When prepared properly, the lingering blueberry finish will really surprise your taste buds. These blueberry notes are also found in its wonderful fragrance. 

Round #01
The pod smelled delicious. Maybe some citrus in there. Did not think about blueberries.
The final brew did not taste anything citrus or berries, at least not the at first.
Earthy and somewhat dry are the first impressions. It tends more to the sweet than bitter side.
It cools down and the vague bitterness is gone. Got a nice bright acidity on top instead.
8 oz made this to thin I guess. 7 oz next round and I'm sure that'll make both me and the coffee happy.

Round #02
7 oz at least made the earth notes more clear.
A touch of citrus is also present.
The earthy flavors in this pod is not dry, more wet and fruity if you can understand that.
The vague bitterness from the beginning of the first round is not here at all.
Kind of sweet and more fruity flavors as the coffee cools down. I'm not able to pin-point any specific flavor though.

Score: Not Yet Rated