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Lazy Luke

Type: Blends
Roast: Medium
Weight: 9 Grams
Shape: 55mm Symmetrical

Thank you Josh for this sample.

Round #01
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Slightly spicy fragrances from the pod.
Heavy aroma. Maybe it's my imagination but I sensed cinnamon.
At least spicy, some chocolate.
First impression: sweet, spicy. A tiny hint of smoke in the aftertaste.
Good body.
I withdraw the smoke from the aftertaste. It's more spice.
Very discrete acidity
I liked this one

Heavy aroma. Spicy, actually something like cinnamon and chocolate.
Good body. Sweet and really spicy aftertaste.
Very discrete acidity.
I liked this one.
Thanks to Josh for the free sample.

Score: 3 +