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Espresso Dark Roast

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat-Top

A bold dark roast creates a classic espresso with full body and intense flavor.

Round #01
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Fragrances of berries from the pod. Did not expect that at all.
A very vague reference to berries in the aroma as well.
First sips make me think about berries again.
Continues lively and more fruity.
Short aftertaste, but I suspect that's my sore throat disturbing my tasting.
This one surprised me. Quite good actually.

Round #02
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
There's something in this pod that reminds me of rose hip.
A bit of spice in the aroma.
Very lively in the first sips. Berries in the aftertaste.
Fruity and sweet.
Cools down a bit and delivers a nice, full body.
Vague earth notes in the aftertaste.

Spice and berries in the aroma.
The first sips are very refreshing. Berries in the aftertaste.
Transforms into fruity and sweet with a hint of spice.
Cools down and delivers a nice, full body with vague earth notes in the finish.

Score: 3 +