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Guatemala Dark *Extra Bold*

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Dark
Weight: 12 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat-Top

A dark roast helps develop a full body and deepens toasted walnut and cocoa notes. 25% more coffee than their regular pods for Extra Bold flavor!

Round #01
Didn't bother to try these in the single pod holder. A good thing there is a double one available.
Nice! I would say bright acidity but sweet at the same time. Maybe a bit anonymous?
If I concentrate I'm able to sense some of the announced walnut notes. But cocoa? Nope.
This is, believe it or not, a bit weak. Maybe the extraction is not so good with a single pod in the double holder?
I will try this with less water. Cooled down a bit I would say the acidity/sweet combo was fruity.

Round #02
Bolder. No doubt about that. Sweet still. The nutty flavors becomes clearer.
Some bitterness, probably because of less water. The fruity stuff is now well hidden, but if I concentrate it is deep down somewhere.
As the coffee cools down, the bitterness becomes less intrusive.
I actually think I'll go back to 8 oz for the final round.

Round #03
Back at 8 oz
Some nutty stuff indeed. Bright fruity acidity.
Cools down and the mouth feel gets richer.
Tones of flavors in the chocolate/brown sugar family

Round #04
Thought I would revisit this one with the Bunn MCP.
It smells very good. Kind of bright with fruit and berries in the background.
To make a good cup I choose to do a double 4oz with tea setting.
The finished cup smells delicious as well.
Definitely not weak when brewed with the Bunn.
More bold and charred than I remember.
Vague smokiness. This time I will agree when it comes to walnuts.
As it cools down the smoky flavors becomes more dominant.
I'll let it cool down some more to see if the fruitiness returns.
Very sweet and fruity towards the end. Still citrus like acidity.
A very discrete note of chocolate as well. 
I adjust this rating from 3 + to 3 ++

Score: 3 ++