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Privateer Dark *Extra Bold*

Type: Organic Fair Trade
Roast: Dark
Weight: 12 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat-Top

A richly satisfying blend of beans from around the world.

Round #01
8oz and double pod holder.
Smells good while brewing. A bit smoky.
Rather modest taste. Discrete smokiness.
Bright acidity.
Cooled down a bit and I'd say there might be some berries here.
Not bitter.
Somewhat dry aftertaste.
The last few sips where almost sweet and fruity.

Round #02
8oz on the Bunn My Café, tea setting.
More explicit smokiness than with the Senseo.
Still kind of modest for an extra bold dark roast.
Vague charred taste.
I'll let it cool a bit before I continue.
Now, the sweetness here have a bit of brown sugar. I did not taste that with the Senseo.
Bright acidity, somewhere between citrus and white wine.
Very tingling feeling.
Liked this much better now.
Pleasant aftertaste.
Will do a double 4 oz with tea setting for the final round.

Round #03
A double 4oz Bunn MCP tea setting.
Let's see if this extracts even more flavors.
Hints of earth this time.
Charred, and smoky.
I really like now as it has cooled just an itsy bit.
Very balanced. Rather sweet.
Full body.
Very good aftertaste.

Score: 4