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Sumatra Ketambe Dark

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Dark
Weight: 9.5 Grams
Shape: 62mm Flat-Top

Reunion Island Sumatra Ketambe Dark coffee pods are roasted from the finest Sumatra beans grown on the northern tip of the island. This is a bold, heavy-bodied coffee.

Round #01
These pods where big! Couldn't fit it in my Senseo with the single pod holder, had to use the double.
First impressions where berries. That's not what I was in the mood for so I'll have to try these a couple of more times to give them fair judging.

Round #02
A quick sniff of the pod reveals berries and something I don't quite recognize.
This time I'm prepared to do a better job reviewing this pod. I would normally go for a 7 oz version the second time, but I reset the scores and do another 8 oz.
The blueberry smell is weaker from the finished brew but it overwhelms whatever else there is in the cup.
I liked it better this time. I can't find any trace of smoke or any other typical dark roast signs amongst the aromas. Basically I taste berries.
The aftertaste is short and the acidity leaves my mouth somewhat dry. This is a tough one. I will definitely go for 7 oz next time.

Round #03
7 oz and the berries became even more distinct. A bit sweet, actually quite round. Smooth mouth feel. 
My biggest problem with this coffee is that the berry taste doesn't thrill me. I'm tempted to not drink more of this, but I have to give it one more round.

Round #04
So here we go. The final round.
Nope, this is not for me. I do not find the berries any good.
I give it a 3

Score: 3