100% Jamaican Blue Mountain

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Light
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 55mm Flat Top

Looking for the real deal? You found it here! Enjoy the most prized coffee the world over. Why settle for a blend when you can have 100% pure Jamaican Blue Mountain? We craft these pods from only the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain beans from the famous Wallenford Estate, slow roasted to a Light or City Roast to bring out the best possible flavor.

Round #01
When do you try one of these? The kids are sleeping, my wife is out...this is a me and my coffee moment.
Very gentle. Mild. Smooth. No bitterness. But what does it taste? Tones of wood?. Not disappointed yet, just surprised.
The 10 grams pods from The Coffee Artisan is usually capable of doing great with 8 oz, but I think I'll have to reduce the amount of water next round.
Very pleasant aftertaste. As it cools down it becomes sweeter in a way. The fun thing here is that even though I can't identify them, there are multiple layers of flavors here.

Score: Not Yet Rated