100% Kona Extra Fancy

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Light
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 55mm Flat Top

You spent a fabulous vacation in Hawaii and fell in love with the coffee. Now you're back home and nothing tastes quite the same as 100% Kona. Forget the 10% or 20% Kona Blends and go for the pure joy you only find in 100% Kona. Using only the finest Kona Extra Fancy Beans, we slow roast them to a Light or City Roast to bring out the best aroma and flavor. At only $0.89 per pod it doesn't have to be just for special occasions any more!

Round #01
I'm new to Kona, but it's one of the coffees "everybody" say is amazing.
The pod smelled very good, and so does the finished brew. Not sure what to expect.
Hmm, what to say?
Bright acidity.
Something I would describe as wood, and a hint of earth.
There are some flavors I can't pin-point.
A bit dry mouth-feel. Will go for 7 oz next round.

Round #02
My plan was to wait with the last rounds until my Bunn MCP arrived, but after reading a couple of other reviews i decided to take the second round now.
7 oz is the drop size.
Still kind of thin or weak at 7 oz.
There is definitely flavors of wood in here.
This sounds strange but I actually think I just tasted rosehip.
Very bright and lively. Almost like a juice of fruit and berries when it cools down. 
Aftertaste left my mouth dry.
I don't think I will have this as one of my favorites  
I like my coffees more "heavy".
Maybe I'll try this a 6oz the final round.

Score: Not Yet Rated