Dark Side

Type: Blends
Roast: Dark
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 55mm Flat Top

Dark Side is our own secret blend of premium Colombian, Guatemalan and Sumatra beans slow roasted until they just reach the dark side. This Italian Roast blend has a smooth, heavy body with sharp acidity and a slightly smokey finish. The perfect coffee for someone looking for something a little darker and with a bit more bite than a medium roast but without the charred flavor of some dark roasts.

Round #01
Smoky, dark and yet mild in a way.
Definitely a dark roast, but with a nicer edge.
Intense acidity in a way, but the latter part of a sip have some sweetness
A good cup to wake you up I guess. I don't feel the need for the usual 7 oz next round, but I'll do it anyway.

Round #02
This kicks me awake at 7 oz. More bite definitely.
It cools down a bit and becomes more balanced in a way.
Smoky, sweet, and very delicious.
Not sure if I will go for 7 oz as the ultimate setting here.
Nice aftertaste.

Round #03
Okay, this is actually more like round #16 or something.
I'm in my second box of Dark Side so it's about time to finish the review.
This is an intense coffee with round edges.
You'll have sharp acidity, but it'll be sweet at the same time.
There is smoke and all the other typical dark roast characteristics and yet no bitterness, but hints of chocolate and tobacco in the aftertaste.
A close to syrupy body wraps it up.
One of my definitive favorites when it comes to dark roasts. 

Score: 4 +