Ethiopian Harrar

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Light
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 55mm Flat Top

A well balanced cup with aromas of berries and spice, sparkling strawberry acidity, notes of brown sugar and an earthy finish.

Round #01
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Pod smells good. Berries, spice, sweetness and earth.
Aromas of berries and spice while brewing.
Piping hot I get earthy aftertaste.
Brown sugar and berries in the flavors.
A very clean cup.
Definitely a sparkling acidity, even though I don't recognize it as strawberry.

Round #02
Bunn MCP: 6oz, tea setting
Strawberries from smelling the pod :-)
Aromas of spice, berries, brown sugar and earth.
First sips are sweet, berries in the acidity and brown sugar aftertaste mixed with earth.
This is a very pleasant coffee from start to finish.
Clean, balanced.

This is a very, very good cup from start to finish.
A clean, sweet, balanced cup with spice, berries, brown sugar and earth.
If you ever wonder why you like coffee, this is probably one of the best reminders out there at the moment.

Score: 5