Papua New Guinea

Type: Single Origins
Roast: Light
Weight: 10 Grams
Shape: 55mm Flat Top

Our Papua New Guinea pods are made from the highest grade coffee from the finest coffee growing region on the island. Expect a full body and a sweet fruity acidity that develops as it cools. Truly one of the world's best!

Round #01
I'm looking forward to this. Have only heard good things about it.
Wonderful. Fruity acidity and a nice, almost earthy flavor.
As it cools down the earth notes disappears into a fruity, syrupy, balanced mix of fruity flavors.
Great first impression. Think this will perfect at 7 oz.

Round #02
7 oz and ready for another go.
Delicious. This is great stuff.
Sweet and rich earth tones.
I'll let it cool down a bit before I continue.
*** cooling down ***
And there it is again: The refreshing fruity flavors.
This is going on my list of favorite light roasts right now.

Round #03
7oz for the final round.
This is really really good.
You can taste your way through it again and again and still you want more.
Aftertaste even got a hint of chocolate.
Pure success.

Score: 5